Thursday 25 April 2013

The only object Unchangeable.

वीरेश्वराय विद्महे विवेकानन्दाय धीमहि । तन्नो वीर: प्रचोदयात् ।
The Hales’ home was Swamiji’s headquarter for almost entire year of 1894. Some papers of Mr. George W. Hale came to light during the research period of Marie Louise Burke. Swamiji had jotted down some series of notes by pencil on the letter head bearing Mr. Hales name. The date of the manuscript is not known but the notes in their original form are as under -

 " Reason - has its limits its base - its degeneration. The walls round it -Agnosticism. Atheism. But must not stop. The beyond is acting upon influencing us every moment - the sky the stars acting upon us - even those not seen. 

Therefore must go beyond - reason alone can't go - finite can not get at the infinite 

Faith its degeneration when alone - bigotry fanaticism - sectarianism. Narrowing finite:. can not get to the infinite.

Sometimes gain in intensity but looses [sic] in extensity - and in bigots & fanatics become worship of his own pride & vanity. Is there no other way - there is Love it never degenerates - peaceful softening ever - widening - the universe is too small for its expansiveness.

We can not define it we can only trace it through its development and describe its surroundings.

 It is at first - what the gravitation is to the external world – a tendency to unification forms and conventionalities are its death.

 Worship through forms - methods - services forms - up to then no love.
 When love comes method dies.
  Human language and human forms

God as father, God as mother, God as the lover - surata - vardhanam etc. Solomon's Song of Songs - dependence and independence

Love Love -Love the chaste wife Anasuya Sita -not as hard dry duty but as ever pleasing love - Sita worship -

 The madness of Love - god intoxicated man
 The allegory of Radha - misunderstood
 The restriction more increase -
 Lust is the death of love
 Self is the death of love individual to general
 Concrete to abstract - to absolute
 The praying Mahomedan and the girl
 The Sympathy - Kavir the Christian nun from whose hands blood came
 The Mahomedan Saint
 Every particle seeking its own complement
 When it finds that it is at rest
 Every man seeking - happiness -& stability

 The search is real but the objects are themselves but happiness is coming to them momentary at least through the search of these objects.

The only object unchangeable and the only complement of character and aspirations of the human Soul is God. Love is struggle of a human Soul to find its complement, its stable equilibrium its infinite rest."

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