Tuesday 23 April 2013

3rd February in Swami Vivekananda Life

3 February :
3 Feb 1895 : Lecture: "Buddhism as understood in India" NY
3 Feb 1896 : Lectures: "The Naturalness of Bhakti Yoga and its Central Secret ", "The forms of Love - manifestation" and "Universal Love and how it leads to self-surrender"...God is the Samashti, the generalised and the abstract universal whole; and the universe that we see is the Vyashti, the particularised thing. To love the whole universe is possible only by way of loving the Samashti — the universal — which is, as it were, the one unity in which are to be found millions and millions of smaller unities...The perfected Bhakta's idea must be never to will and work for himself. ....In Bhakti-Yoga the central secret is to know that the various passions and feelings and emotions in the human heart are not wrong in themselves; only they have to be carefully controlled and given a higher and higher direction, until they attain the very highest condition of excellence. The highest direction is that which takes us to God; every other direction is lower.

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