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Swaraj Amrit Mahotsav : Bharatikrishna Tirthaji Maharaj

VEDIC MATHEMATICS presently known as the modern mathematics is completely based on ALGEBRA. It is rediscovered by the greatest mathematician and the Shankaracharya Jagadguru Bharatikrishna Tirthaji Maharaj of Govardhan math puri; Odisha. He is the 143rd Shankaracharya of Govardhan math.

He was born on 14th March 1884 in a small village of Tamil Nadu named "Tinnivelly". His childhood name was Venkatraman. His father, Shri P. Narasimha Shastri, was then a Tahsildar at Tinnivelly (Madras residency). At the age of twenty years he completed his post graduation in six different subjects like Mathematics, Science, History, Philosophy, English and Sanskrit from the Bombay centre of American college of Science Rochester; New York. He was a greatest orator of Sanskrit and awarded the title of "SARASWATI" for his all round proficiency in Sanskrit by the Sanskrit association of Madras. In 1902 he won the highest place in the graduation B.A. examination.

In 1908 he proceeded to Sringeri Math in Mysore to lay himself at the feet of Jagadguru Shankaracharya Maharaj Shri Satchidananda Shivabhinava Nrisimha Bharati Swami. there he was offered the post of the first Principal of the newly started National college at Rajmahendri.  At the age of twenty seven (27) years he studied advanced Vedanta philosophy for eight years from 1911 to 1919 and practised Brahma-Sadhana at the feed of Shri Nrisimha Bharati swami.

In 1919 he was initiated into the holy order of Sannyasa at Varanasi by H.H. Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shri Trivikrama Tirthaji Maharaja of Sharadapeetha and was given the new name, Swami Bharati Krishna tirtha. Three years later in 1921 he was throned as the Shankaracharya of Sharada peetha. In 1925 he shifted to puri when he was installed as Jagadguru Shankaracharya of the Govardhan math. In 1953 he founded in institution named "SHRI VISHWA PUNRNIRMANA SANGHA"  (World Reconstruction Association) in Nagpur, with Shri Chimanlal Ttrivedi as the general secretary.

It was during his deep meditation retreats between the year 1911 to 1919 in the Shringeri forest he became aware of the sixteen sutras later he associated them with vedic mathematics.

From 1911-1918 Bharati Krishnaji practiced deep meditation and studied metaphysics and Vedas which led him to practice an arduous life of a Sadhu (saint). He was leading a purely saintly life living on roots and fruits. His life was continuous "Sadhana" (meditation) and he devoted himself to the study of Vedanta and resorted to the forest for deep meditation and spiritual attainments.

In his solitude he discerned the "Ganita-Sutras" or easy Mathematical Formulas on which he compiled the monumental work "Vedic Mathematics" an original contribution in the field of Mathematics and Research. Bharati Krishnaji got the key to Ganita Sutra coded in the Atharva Veda and rediscovered Vedic Maths with the help of lexicographs .

He found "Sixteen Sutras" or word formulas which cover all the branches of Mathematics – Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Physics, plan and spherical geometry, conics, calculus- both differential and integral, applied mathematics of all various kinds, dynamics, hydrostatics and all.

Due to some undisclosed reasons Bharati Krishna Tirthaji borrowed a large sum of money from Shri Manilal Desai, a money lender and devotee of Dakor. As a security against borrowed amount Bharati Krishna Tirthaji pledged his manuscript note books which he packed away safely in few tin trunk boxes and left in the care of Shri Manilal Desai. He was not able to repay the amount owed until 1955 or so. By then the boxes had fallen under the charge of Shri Laxminarayan, the son of Shri Manilal Desai. He transported those manuscripts from Dakor to his residence at Asarva in Ahmadabad. Shri Laxminarayan sold those manuscript to a German scholar with a large amount of money (at 50 dollar per manuscript as said by the present guru, the 145th Shankaracharya of Govardhan math.)

After the confirmation of the loss of the manuscripts of VM most likely sometime in 1956, Bharati Krishna tirthaji was requested by his ardent devotees to rewrite them. On their request, in 1957, in his old age and ill health with weak eyesight (cataract) he wrote the presently available book. Vedic mathematics. In 1958 the type script of Vedic mathematics was left in US. For publication.

Bharati Krishna Tirthaji attained Mahasamadhi On 2nd February 1960 and five years after his book Vedic mathematics was published.

He inspired many people across the world. : https://vedicmathsindia.org/

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