Monday 22 April 2013

27th January in Swami Vivekananda Life

27 January :
27 Jan 1895 : Training of Karyakartas in West began with Swami Vivekananda's first classes which were free in his own rented rooms at 54 West Thirty-Third Street, NY
27 Jan 1896 : Lectures in NY: "The preparatory renunciation" and "The Bhakta's renunciation" - In this renunciation auxiliary to devotion, there is no harshness, no dryness no struggle, nor repression nor suppression. The Bhakta has not to suppress any single one of his emotions, he only strives to intensify them and direct them to God...Bhakti-Yoga is the science of higher love. It shows us how to direct it; it shows us how to control it, how to manage it, how to use it, how to give it a new aim, as it were, and from it obtain the highest and most glorious results, that is, how to make it lead us to spiritual blessedness. Bhakti-Yoga does not say, "Give up"; it only says, "Love; love the Highest !" — and everything low naturally falls off from him, the object of whose love is the Highest.
27 Jan 1897 : Swami Vivekananda goes for darshan of Lord Rameshwar. He speaks on 'True Worship'  

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