Tuesday 23 April 2013

2nd February in Swami Vivekananda Life

2 February :
2 Feb 1896 : Lecture: "The Atman" NY -1. Vedantists believe in God. Vedas are revealed word of God. 2. The whole of creation appears and disappears; that it is projected and becomes grosser and grosser, and at the end of an incalculable period of time it becomes finer and finer, when it dissolves and subsides, and then comes a period of rest. Again it begins to appear and goes through the same process. 3. We reap what we sow. 3. "As the Urnanabhi (spider) spins the thread out of its own body,...even so the whole universe has come out of the Being." 4. The Advaitin says : after this vain search after various gods outside himself, completes the circle, and comes back to the point from which he started --the human soul, and he finds that the God whom he was searching in hill and dale, whom he was seeking in every brook, in every temple, in churches and heavens, that God whom he was even imagining as sitting in heaven and ruling the world, is his own Self. I am He, and He is I. None but I was God, and this little I never existed.

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