Wednesday 24 April 2013

12th February in Swami Vivekananda Life

12 February :
12 Feb 1893 : Swami Vivekananda met Sri Khurshid Jah, Premier of Hyderabad State - discussed on Hindu, Islam & Christianity - Prince promised to give Rs 1000/- for Swamiji's America visit to preach 'the gospel of Eternal Religion'
12 Feb 1896 : Lecture: "Steps of Hindu philosophical thought" (The highest ideal of Jnana Yoga) at NY -Those of you who are non-dualists look back to the period of your lives when you were strong dualists. As soon as you think you are a body and a mind, you will have to take the whole of this dream. If you take one portion, you must take the whole. The man who says, here is this world, and there is no (Personal) God, is a fool; because if there is a world, there will have to be a cause, and that is what is called God. You cannot have an effect without knowing that there is a cause. God will only vanish when this world vanishes; then you will become God (Absolute), and this world will be no longer for you. So long as the dream that you are a body exists, you are bound to see yourself as being born and dying; but as soon as that dream vanishes, so will the dream vanish that you are being born and dying, and so will the other dream that there is a universe vanish. That very thing which we now see as the universe will appear to us as God (Absolute), and that very God who has so long been external will appear to be internal, as our own Self.
12 Feb 1897 - in a letter to Swami Brahmananda, he writes - The Theosophists and others wanted to intimidate me. Therefore I had to give them a bit of my mind. You know they persecuted me all the time in America, because I did not join them. They wanted to begin it here. So I had to clear my position. If that displeases any of my Calcutta friends, "God help them". You need not be afraid, I do not work alone, but He is always with me. What could I do otherwise?

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