Monday 22 April 2013

29th January in Swami Vivekananda Life

29 January:
29 Jan 1897: Swami Vivekananda returns to Ramnad . In the midst of tumultuous rejoicing n festivity, Vivekananda was received by the Raja Dinkar Sethupathi n then he was taken in a grand procession seated in the state carriage while the Raja walked on foot. In Durbar Hall, he spoke : ...she is awakening, this motherland of ours, from her deep long sleep. None can resist her any more; never is she going to sleep any more; no outward powers can hold her back any more; for the infinite giant is rising to her feet....religion and religion alone is the life of India...we have yet something to teach to the world. This is the very reason, the raison d'être, that this nation has lived on, in spite of hundreds of years of persecution, in spite of nearly a thousand years of foreign rule and foreign oppression. This nation still lives; the raison d'être is it still holds to God, to the treasure - house of religion and spirituality...God alone lives. The soul alone lives. Spirituality alone lives. Hold onto that.
In this meeting Vivekananda conferred on the Raja the title of "Raharshi"

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