Thursday 25 April 2013

16th February in Swami Vivekananda Life

16 February:
16 Feb 1894 : Newspaper Reports: "Hindoo Philosophy", "Mysteries and Miracles" and "Bishop Ninde and Kananda" in Detroit Free Press - "It is an idle dream when all of us will have the same religious views," said he. "No emotion can be produced except by clashing elements acting upon the mind. It is the revulsion of change, the new light, the presentation of the new to the old, that elicits sensation." ....The Hindu, believe all religions are true, but theirs antedates all others. Missionaries are never molested by the Hindus. ...Each was right in his way and yet all were needed to form a whole. Hindu philosophers say "truth to truth, lower truth to higher." It is an idle dream of those who think that all will at some time think alike, for that would be the death of religion.
Detroit Journal reports : If Swami Vive Kananda succeeds in expounding a gospel of peace, of purity, of self sacrifice and brotherly love; if he succeeds in opening the blind eyes of bigotry, and in unstopping the deaf ears of the intolerant, and shows the professed Christian that even a heathen has some virtues which Christians lack, and more than all if he softens the strong heart of humanity, which he already seems qualified to do, his mission among us will not be in vain.

16 Feb 1897 : On way to Calcutta from Madras...

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