Wednesday 17 April 2013

16th January in Swami Vivekananda Life

16 January :

16 Jan 1894 : Newspaper Appeal-Avalanche writes : Swami Vive Kananda's wonderful first address before the members of the World's Fair Parliament stamped him at once as a leader in that great body of religious thinkers. He is an artist in thought, an idealist in belief and a dramatist on platform.
16 Jan 1897 : First Public Lecture at Colombo on 'Punya Bhoomi Bharat' - If there is any land.... "the mild Hindu", who has always been the blessed child of God.....And to find the centre of all this, the heart from which the blood flows, the mainspring of the national life, believe me when I say after my experience of the world, that it is here in India....The Hindu's calm brain must pour out its own quota to give to the sum total of human progress. India's gift to the world is the light spiritual....Slow and silent, as the gentle dew that falls in the morning, unseen and unheard yet producing a most tremendous result, has been the work of the calm, patient, all-suffering spiritual race upon the world of thought....

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