Saturday 20 April 2013

21th January in Swami Vivekananda Life

21th January :

21 Jan 1894 : Appeal-Avalanche reports on "Manners and customs in India" a lecture by Swamiji at La Salette Academy [Memphis] -
21 Jan 1895 : Brooklyn Standard Union writes on Swamji's talk on "The Ideals of Womanhood" : In the West it found its ideal in the wife, in India in the mother..."In India the mother is the centre of the family and our highest ideal, She is to us the representative of God, as God is the mother of the Universe. It was a female sage who first found the unity of God, and laid down this doctrine in one of the first hymns of the Vedas. Our God is both personal and absolute, the absolute is male, the personal, female. And thus it comes that we now say: 'The first manifestation of God is the hand that rocks the cradle.' He is of the 'arian' race, who is born through prayer, and he is a nonarian, who is born through sensuality. ...And I and every good Hindoo believe, that my mother was pure and holy, and hence I owe her everything that I am. That is the secret of the race — chastity.

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