Monday 22 April 2013

26th January in Swami Vivekananda Life

26 January :
26 Jan 1897 : Swami Vivekananda started from Jaffana and reached Pamban where Raja of Ramnad prostrated before Him. As he bent his knees - the place is now known as KUNDKAL (Kund means to bend and Kal means legs in Tamil). The Raja spoke with all feeling after the welcome address. Swami Vivekananda replied : Dharma is the backbone and all developments would be done through that alone...We Hindus have now been placed, under God's providence, in a very critical and responsible position. The nations of the West are coming to us for spiritual help..
26 Jan 1899 : Letter to Sister Christine - I have carefully weighed your plans for coming over. I will be ever so glad to see you, you know it well; but, my dear, the Indian summer will not suit you, and if you start now it will be midsummer when you reach India. Then, you must not hope of making any living here. It is impossible for me to make a living most times in my own country. Then all the surroundings are so, so wretched and different from what you see around you, e.g. you will find me going about in loin-cloth--will that shock you? Three-fourths of the population only wearing a strip of white cloth about their loins--can you bear that?....Things must be as "Mother" wishes. Ours is only to obey and work.
26 Jan 1901 : Letter to Mrs Ole Bull - I am going to take my mother on pilgrimage next week. It may take months to make the complete round of pilgrimages. This is the one great wish of a Hindu widow. I have brought only misery to my people all my life. I am trying at least to fulfil this one wish of hers.

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