Saturday 28 September 2019

VRM - a Perennial source of Inspiration

To see the rock from a distance is one experience and to be on the rock temple, specially for the first time is quite another experience which cannot be expressed in any language . Some would describe it as' moving'  many as 'inspiring' still others as 'elevating' & so on. It is the total of all & yet beyond. While going through the previous pages I found so many attempts to express the inexpressible. Yes, that is what it is. Still the poetic minds will for ever search for suitable words,  make a  garland of them & throw at the altar of infinity. This is how the illimitable ocean here is encircling the limited rock with surging waves. This is how the dynamic ocean is embracing the static rock  perhaps to awaken it from meditation to action. 

….by Swami ji Ramakrishna Mission, Mumbai 11/09/1975

It was really ennobling and edifying to visit the Vivekananda Rock Memorial again. It has re-charged us spiritually. I would expend my like compliment to the Kendra for the impeccable maintenance. Our humble Pranams and fervent good wishes.

….by Shree  V. Krishnamurthy, Addl. Chief Secretary and  Dr. V. G. Chellam, Dean, Medical College, Trivandrum on 11/09/2000

It is a experience wonderful  for me and my colleague judges and their family. It is the happiest moment for me to visit this memorial place of Sri Vivekananda. I admire the persons connected with this architecture and place for meditation. I wish to visit again and again.

…. Shri Iqubal, Chief Justice, Madras High Court on 11/09/2011

स्वामी विवेकानन्द का जीवन अपने आप में सदैव प्रेरणादायक रहेगा| आज यहाँ पर देखा और अन्तःकरण में एक स्फूर्ति-जनक झलक स्वतः ही आई कि स्वामीजी के बारे में वर्तमान को तो महती जरूरत है ही, नई पीढी अगर स्वामी जी के जीवन का एक अंश भर भी अपना लेगी, तो भारत देश विश्व में सदैव अग्रणी रहेगा| ध्यान का जो समय यहाँ दिया जाता है, अविस्मरणीय है| समुद्र के त्रिवेणी पर बना हुआ स्टेच्यू झील की गहराईयों के माफिक मन की गहराईयों को छूता है| अपनी धर्म पत्नी श्रीमती सुषमा के संग दर्शन- लाभ प्राप्त किया, अति-सौम्य वातावरण एव अटूट सुन्दरता के साथ|

….by Shree Subhash Mahariya, Union Minister, Rural Development, Govt. of India on 12/09/2000

May the ideals & vision of the great Swami Vivekananda be awakened in the hearts of all who visit this inspiring Memorial & may each contribute toward an eternal memorial through dedicating his life to the principles of truth , universal love & divine service.

…by Swami Bhavananda Giri, Swami Bhalananda Giri of Dakshineshwar, Calcutta on 13/09/1974














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