Friday 27 September 2019

An Unique place

Shree I. K. Gupta, Chairman & MD Indian Telecom Industries, Bangalore on 13 Sep 1974 records : This great temple symbolises the teaching of Saint Vivekananda. It is a source of inspiration now and shall be so for generations to come, for centuries to follow. A beautiful piece of architecture, so clean and well maintained. (This inspiration later worked into starting of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas in Arunachal Pradesh in 1977.)

Shree W.R. Walel, Chief Secretary of Gujarat visited VRM on 13 Sep 1976. He records : We were very happy to visit this great monument today. What a different picture it presents from the bare rock that I had seen in Oct 1964 . Architecturally, aesthetically & spiritually it is a filling monument to one of the greatest son of India, who put her on the religious map of world. The maintenance & cleanliness of the monument leave nothing to be desired. What is most welcome is the imaginative idea of having a DHYANA MANDAPAM. We are grateful to the authorities here for their kindness & pains in taking us round.

Shree I.K. Gujral, MINISTRY OF INFORMATION & BROADCASTING on 14 Sep 1974 records : This is inspiring & deeply moving spiritual experience.  To visit this very memorable place will remain ingrained for future of Swamiji's contribution to Indian Renaissance of thought & culture. It is unique. The rock temple memorial is a  great achievement. It is imaginative & stands testimony of human effort & labour which only dedication could achieve.   I look forward to the second phase of lay -order with experience. 

Shree Madhav  Rao  Mule, All India Sah Sarkaryavah of R.S.S. on 15 Sep 1971 recorded : विवेकानन्द शिला स्मारक देश में फैली पृथकतावादी मनोवृति, स्वाभिमानशून्य वातावरण तथा छुआछूत, जातिभेद, संप्रदायवाद, प्रान्तीयता एवम् राजनैतिक दलगत ईर्षा, द्वेष आदि सभी अनिष्ठ भावनाओं को समाप्त कर राष्ट्रीय एकात्मता, आत्मगौरव, स्वावलंबन एवम् प्रखर देशभक्ति का भाव सम्पूर्ण समाज में उत्पन्न कर सकेगा ऐसा विश्वास है| इस स्मारक के माध्यम से भारत सम्पूर्ण विश्व को फिर से आध्यात्मिक प्रेरणा देने का अपना दायित्व पूर्ण कर सकेगा ऐसी अपेक्षा है |  

Sri V Sundaram, Collector from Kerala on 16 Sep 1976 writes : I am happy to be here again after one & half month. Every time I come here I have a feeling of revered strengths & vigour. Universal peace, goodwill, harmony, ageless religion & culture of India. I am reminded of these & many other things, noble & great. I came here with inner tensions, I go back with greater clarity & peace of mind.











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