Wednesday, 1 May 2013

2nd March in Swami Vivekananda Life

2 March :

2 Mar 1896 : Letters: Viharidas Desai and Swami Trigunatitananda

2 Mar 1898 : Letter: Miss. Mary Hale - You need not be alarmed with me as the disease will take two or three years at worst to carry me off. At best it may remain a harmless companion. I am content. Only I am working hard to set things all right and always so that the machine moves forward when I am off the stage. Death I have conquered long ago when I gave up life. My only anxiety is the work, and even that to the Lord I dedicate, and He knows best.

2 Mar 1899 : Letter to Sister Nivedita

2 Mar 1900 : Letters: Mary Hale - All blessings on you and the sisters and Mother. Mary, you have been always the sweetest notes in my jarring and clashing life. Then you had the great good Karma to start without oppressive surroundings. I never know a moment's peaceful life. It has always been high pressure, mentally.
Josephine MacLeod - The French invitation is all right. But it seems impossible to write any decent paper on the subject we chose. Because if I have to lecture and make money, very little time will be left for anything else. Again, I can not find any books (Sanskrit) here. So let me try to make a little money if I can and go to France all the same, but send them no paper. No scholarly work can be done in this haphazard and hurried fashion. It means time and study.

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