Friday 17 May 2013

1st May Swami Vivekananda Life

May 1 :
May 1, 1897 : Swami Vivekananda establishes Sri Ramakrishna Mission in Calcutta. - The beginning of the organised work in India - Its Motto : Atmano Mokshartham Jagad Hitaya cha... For once own liberation and the good of the world.
May 1, 1894 : Letter to Isabelle : I am all right getting food . . . and money enough. Hope very soon to put something in the bank after the coming lecture.
In the evening I am going to speak in a vegetarian dinner! Well, I am a vegetarian, because I prefer it when I can get it. I have another invitation to lunch with Lyman Abbott day after tomorrow. After all, I am having very nice time and hope to have very nice time in Boston — only that nasty nasty lecturing — disgusting. However as soon as 19th is over — one leap from Boston  to Chicago and then I will have a long long breath and rest, rest for two three weeks. I will simply sit down and talk — talk and smoke.

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