Wednesday 15 May 2013

14th April Swami Vivekananda Life

14 April :
14 Apr 1894 : Begins lectures and classes on East Coast of America
Reminiscences of Martha Brown Fincke on Swami Vivekananda - Early the next morning loud splashings came from the bathroom, and mingling with them a deep voice chanting in an unknown tongue. I believe that a group of us huddled near the door to listen. At breakfast we asked him the meaning of the chant. He replied. "I first put the water on my forehead, then on my breast, and each time I chant a prayer for blessings on all creatures". This struck me forcibly. I was used to a morning prayer, but it was for myself first that I prayed, then for my family. It had never occurred to me to include all mankind in my family and to put them before myself.....I find in the universal Gospel that Swamiji preached the satisfaction of my longing. To believe that the Divine is within us, that we are from the very first a part of God, and that this is true of every man. what more can one ask? In receiving this, as I have on the soil of India, I feel that I have come Home.

14 Apr 1896 : Letter to Swami Trigunitananda - Your contribution is good, go on writing regularly.  It is very easy to search for faults, but the characteristic of a saint lies in looking for merits — never forget this. You need a little business faculty. Now what you want is organisation — that requires strict obedience and division of labour...if people worship him (Sri Ramakrishna) as God, no harm. Neither encourage nor discourage. The masses will always have the person, the higher ones the principle; we want both. But principles are universal, not persons. Therefore stick to the principles he taught, let people think whatever they like of his person. Truce to all quarrels and jealousies and bigotry! These will spoil everything. "But many that are first shall be last; and the last first." 

Those who are the devotees of My devotees are My best devotees."

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