Friday 17 May 2013

2nd May Swami Vivekananda Life

2 May :
2 May 1895 : Lecture: "Indian religions" in East Brooklyn
2nd May, 1900 :
I have been very ill — one more relapse brought about by months of hard work. Well, it has shown me that I have no kidney or heart disease whatsoever, only overworked nerves. I am, therefore, going today in the country for some days till I completely recover, which I am sure will be in a few days....I am going to throw off all worry, and glory unto Mother.
God in Everything : "Give it up; the world we have been thinking of so long, the world to which we have been clinging so long, is a false world of our own creation. Give that up; open your eyes and see that as such it never existed; it was a dream, Maya. What existed was the Lord Himself. It is He who is in the child, in the wife, and in the husband; it is He who is in the good and in the bad; He is in the sin and in the sinner; He is in life and in death."

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