Friday 10 May 2013

3rd April Swami Vivekananda Life

3 April :

To Sister Nivedita


3rd April 1897.
I have just found a bit of important work for you to do on behalf of the downtrodden masses of India.
The gentleman I take the liberty of introducing to you is in England on behalf of the Tiyas, a plebeian caste in the native State of Malabar.
You will realize from this gentleman what an amount of tyranny there is over these poor people, simply because of their caste.
The Indian Government has refused to interfere on grounds of non-interference in the internal administration of a native State. The only hope of these people is the English Parliament. Do kindly everything in your power to help this matter [in] being brought before the British Public.
3 Apr 1898 : Gave "a little lecture to the Hindus here yesterday, and I told them all their defects purposely and with their permission." at Darjeeling.

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