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4th April Swami Vivekananda Life

4 April :
4 Apr 1901 : Letters:

To Sister Christine
I am en route to Chandranath on pilgrimage.
I have been anxiously awaiting a letter from you, and it seemed it would never come.
I am sure to be happy--can't help thinking so. After so much struggle, the result must come. Things take their own course; it is I who am to brighten up, I find. And I am trying my best. And you can help me by writing nice letters now and then; will you?
Margot [Sister Nivedita] is doing splendid work in England with Mrs. Bull's backing. Things are going on nicely.
I am sleeping better and the general health is not bad.

To Sister Nivedita Of course, you stay as long as you think you are working well. Yum [Miss Josephine MacLeod] had some talk about you with Mother [Holy Mother, Sarada Devi], and she desired you to come over. Of course, it was only her love and anxiety to see you — that was all; but poor Yum has been much too serious for once, and hence all these letters. However, I am glad it should happen, as I learnt so much about your work from Mr. Dutt, who can't be accused of a relative's blind love.

To Ramesh Chandra Dutta
I am so very glad to learn from a person of your authority of the good work Sister Nivedita is doing in England. I join in earnest prayer with the hopes you entertain of her future services to India by her pen. I have not the least desire that she should leave her present field of utility and come over to India.
I am under a deep debt of gratitude to you, Sir, for your befriending my child, and hope you will never cease to advise her as to the length of her stay in England and the line of work she ought to undertake.
Her book on Kâli has been very popular in India.

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