Tuesday 7 May 2013

26th March in Swami Vivekananda Life

26 March :
26 MAR 1896 : Lecture: "The Ideal of a Universal Religion" at Procopeia Club, Boston
A reception was given for Swami Vivekananda in Sara Bull's home in the evening.
26 Mar 1897 : Letter to Mrs Ole Bull - The demonstrations and national jubilations over me are over--at least I had to cut them short, as my health broke completely down. The result of this steady work in the West and the tremendous work of a month in India upon the Bengalee constitution is "diabetes". It is a hereditary foe and is destined to carry me off, at best, in a few years' time. Eating only meat and drinking no water seems to be the only way to prolong life--and, above all, perfect rest for the brain. I am giving my brain the needed rest in Darjeeling, from where I am writing you now.
I am so glad to hear about Saradananda's success. Give him my best love and do not allow him [to] do too much work. The Bengalee body is not the same as the American.
Mr. Chatterjy (Mohini) came to see me in Calcutta, and he was very friendly. I gave him your message. He is quite willing to work with me. Nothing more to write, only I am bent upon seeing my monastery started; and as soon as that is done, I come to America once more.
26 Mar 1900 : Class: Lessons on Meditation (Frank Rhodehamel's notes of this class) San Fransisco - The first point is the position. Sit with the spine perfectly free, with the weight resting on the hips. The next step is breathing. Breathe in the left nostril and out the right. Fill the lungs full and eject all the breath. Clear the lungs of all impure air. Breathe full and deep. The next thing is to think of the body as luminous, filled with light. The next thing is to concentrate on the base of the spine, not from the outside, but look down the spinal column inside to the base of the spine.

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