Sunday, 5 May 2013

14th March in Swami Vivekananda Life

14 March :
14 Mar 1894 : At Detroit - About this time he had vision of Sri Ramakrishna - Vision warned him not to drink  poisoned coffee.
14 Mar 1900 : At Sanfransisko - This week: Turk St classes began, three mornings a week for beginner students, and occasionally one in the evening for advanced students

Thy servant am I through birth after birth, Sea of mercy, inscrutable Thy ways; So is my destiny inscrutable;
It is unknown; nor would I wish to know. Bhakti, Mukti, Japa, Tapas, all these, Enjoyment, worship, and devotion too — These things and all things similar to these, I have expelled at Thy supreme command. But only one desire is left in me — An intimacy with Thee, mutual! Take me, O Lord across to Thee; Let no desire's dividing line prevent.

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