Sunday, 5 May 2013

13th March in Swami Vivekananda Life

13 March :
13 Mar 1894 : Lecture IS INDIA A BENIGHTED COUNTRY? (CW: 4:198-202) (CL) at Detroit - "To build a home is selfish, argues the Hindu, so he builds it for the worship of God and for the entertainment of guests. To cook food is selfish, so he cooks it for the poor; he will serve himself last if any hungry stranger applies; and this feeling extends throughout the length and breadth of the land. Any man can ask for food and shelter and any house will be opened to him."

* Was freed from Slayton Lyceum Lecture Bureau
13 Mar 1900 : Eve: First Applied Psychology lecture at Washington Hall, SF, CA- MIND, ITS POWERS AND POSSIBILITIES (CW 6:125-27) - The purer the body and mind, the quicker the desired result will be obtained. You must be perfectly pure. Do not think of evil things, such thoughts will surely drag you down. If you are perfectly pure and practise faithfully, your mind can finally be made a searchlight of infinite power. There is no limit to its scope. But there must be constant practice and non - attachment to the world. When a man reaches the superconscious state, all feeling of body melts away. Then alone does he become free and immortal. To all external appearances, unconsciousness and superconsciousness are the same; but they differ as a lump of clay from a lump of gold. The one whose whole soul is given up to God has reached the superconscious plane.

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