Sunday, 5 May 2013

11th March in Swami Vivekananda Life

11 March :
11 Mar 1894 : Eve: Lecture at Opera House, Campus Martius,
(CW: 8:214-19)
11 Mar 1895 : Morn and eve: Class at headquarters, 54 W
33rd St, NYC, NY
11 Mar 1896 : Yoga classes Morn. - Evn. Detroit
11 Mar 1900 : Morn: Sunday lecture at Golden Gate Hall, SF,
MESSAGE (CW 9:271) Everything progresses in waves. The march of civilization, the progression of worlds, is in waves. All human activities likewise progress in waves — art, literature, science, religion.

Great waves succeed each other, and between these great waves is a quiet, a calm, a period of rest, a period of recuperation.
All manifest life seems to require a period of sleep, of calm, in which to gain added strength, renewed vigour, for the next manifestation, or awakening to activity. Thus is the march of all progress, of all manifest life — in waves, successive waves, [of] activity and repose. Waves succeed each other in an endless chain of progression.
Religion, like everything else, progresses in waves; and at the summit of each great wave stands an illumined soul, a mighty spiritual leader and teacher of men.

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