Sunday 9 January 2022

Swaraj Amrit Mahotsav : Scientific Achievements - 2

8. ISRO launched a staggering 104 satellites on a single rocket.
The India Space Research Organisation of ISRO demonstrated its expert skills when they launched a record of 104 satellites on a single rocket. This displayed their ability to handle complex missions. Interestingly this is the highest number of satellites anyone has ever launched in a single mission. No other country at the moment has achieved this marvellous feat. India's scientists have proved their metal by achieving this mammoth task which had never been done before.

9. Developing an indigenous cryogenic engine for GSLV-Mk III
The rocket that was described as a game-changer by ISRO is the heaviest rocket in India called GSLV-Mk III. The ISRO launched this heavy rocket with a cryogenic engine. The same was indigenously developed and is one of a kind. This step was taken in order to take a step closer to self-reliance when it comes to space exploration. With this, the country has shown that it is capable of launching rockets without any help from other space-faring nations.

10. An 18 year old developed the world's smallest satellite
India is a land of numerous prodigies. It was recently reported that an 18-year-old with no more than a 3D printer made the world's smallest satellite. Rifath Sharook, an 18 year old resident of Tamil Nadu wrote history when he designed the world's smallest satellite and named it after the former President Dr. Abdul Kalam. The tiny 3D printed satellite was flown into space with a NASA Mission. It just goes on to show how creative young minds are and that the same requires encouragement to do wonders.

11. Developing an indigenous supercomputer called PARAM
We are all pretty aware that India at one point in time faced a technological dilemma and the regime in the 1980s rejected the advances made in technology. PARAM- a supercomputer built indigenously marks our departure from the same. This first-ever indigenous supercomputer was built by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) and the mandate of the same was to set up an indigenous supercomputer that met high –speed computational needs. So now we have it!

12. Developing the world's fastest and anti-ship cruise missile.
India developed a self-made seeker for Brahmos marking it as one of the fastest and most formidable anti-ship cruise missiles. This means that the country has carved a niche for itself and marks a huge achievement. The breakthrough in supersonic missiles will impose the calibre and class of missiles in India. The country has for the first time developed such a missile and we hope that it will continue to make such breakthroughs.

13. The Mars Orbiter Mission - the only one to reach Mars in the first attempt
An interesting fact that most of us are not aware of is that India is the only country with a successful first attempt at reaching Mars. The Mars Orbiter Mission made India the only nation in the world to reach Mars in its first attempt. The Mangalyaan-1 is an indigenously built space probe that marks India's first venture into interplanetary space. With this feat, we are now first in Asia and fourth in the World in terms of nations that have reached the surface of Mars. Mangalyaan-1 gives us a lot to be proud of and it is now upon our scientific community to see how we can enhance our skills of venturing into interplanetary space and carry forward the legacy of this marvellous feat.

14. Developed the world's lowest costing supercomputer
India has been credited with making the world's lowest costing Supercomputer. PARAM is the nation's indigenously made supercomputer and it is interesting to know that at the same time we are a hub of producing affordable supercomputers, in fact the lowest costing one in the world. Thus, we are bringing the technology to many-many states who do not have enough resources to afford the expensive versions of the same elsewhere.

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