Tuesday 11 January 2022

Swaraj Amrit Mahotsav : Scientific Achievements - 3

15. Successfully designed low costing wireless telephony.
After the 1980s we have come a long way. India today has successfully designed very low costing wireless telephony. These have been a great breakthrough for the country's own communication systems and the other nations as well. This serves a huge milestone for the world as now wireless telephony can be accessed by everyone at a decent cost.
16. Success in Chandrayaan -1 mission
When it comes to space exploration, India has yet another milestone to be extremely proud of. This is the Chandrayaan-1 Mission. This mission marks India's first lunar exploration mission. The ISRO put much effort into making this mission a success and at its success, they have finally gone beyond the geostationary orbit. With the advent of this mission, India has emerged as the fourth country in the world to have hoisted its flag on the lunar surface. This achievement has also given the impetus to ISRO to make more such efforts towards missions like the aforementioned. The achievement is a matter of great honour for the nation.  
17. Developing the IRNSS to have satellite navigation capability
Of all modern space-based services, navigation satellites always touch the lives of most people on the planet, even if they may not be directly aware of it. Navigation was one of the earliest applications introduced in the space race. India has been depending on navigational satellite systems designed by various other states for quite some time now. It was time to develop an indigenous system. The strategic value of critical data was clear, thus, with the backing of the Indian military, the proposal for an Indian Satellite Navigation System received all the financial and political support it required. With the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) the nation realised its dream of having an independent satellite navigation capability. This system has helped us realise our dream of developing a homegrown GPS system that could enhance our strategic interests. It is designed to offer accurate position data service to users in India as well as the region extending up to 1500 Km from its boundary, which is its primary service area. This also comes as a huge help for our military.  
18. Successfully test firing a Scramjet Rocket Engine
One would ask what an air breathing rocket would be. Well, ISRO successfully tested a Scramjet Rocket Engine, which essentially uses atmospheric oxygen from the surroundings to burn it with the fuel to produce a forward thrust. This technology is in stark contrast to the conventional chemical rocket systems that carry both the oxygen and the fuel together. The development of the high-speed technology system will take us a long way in ensuring that it meets India's futuristic space transportation needs. Apart from which it also adds another feather into the cap of ISRO's achievements.     
19. The Space Capsule Recovery Experiment Mission
The Space Capsule Recovery Experiment Mission was India's endeavour in establishing its technological ability to recover an orbiting satellite. This turned out to be a remarkable feat for Indian space prowess.  It was a remarkable achievement and the technology will now be used to develop recovery technologies for future human and robotic missions. This feat has strengthened our space faring capabilities and has given the ISRO yet again a thrust to move in the forward direction when it comes to space exploration.  
20. Owning the largest domestic communications satellite in Asia-Pacific
India's INSAT system is one of the largest domestic communication satellites that are owned by any nation in the Asia-Pacific region. It initiated a major revolution in India's communications sector. This puts us on a list of a few who possess an indigenous communication satellite for domestic use in the Asia-Pacific region. It has been an extremely viable resource for our nation and continues to set us apart from other nations. At present, it is serving several crucial sectors of our economy, including telecommunication, education, and meteorology.
India of 2020 is massively different from India in 1947. As fifth largest economy in the world by nominal GDP and third largest in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). With numerous advancements in the nation, it is no wonder that venture capitalists, multinationals, private equities, and foreign participatory investors are betting high on India's growth story. It is also not a surprise that today India is also an attractive destination for foreign investment.
India's improving economic performance and the talents of the Indian population has enabled the nation to bridge with both developed and developing countries. The nation has deepened its relationship with the United States, Russia, and Europe. The initiative taken by the government with the US on civil nuclear agreement opened a new chapter in India's technological development.
The Indian government has always taken the lead in India's active participation in the Asian community-building process. India today, as a nation, is warmly welcomed to almost every vital Asian and Asia-Pacific forum. India has advanced its economic and security engagement with the Indian Ocean and the Indo-Pacific region. The nation has strengthened its economic and defence relations with countries of West-Asia and the Middle East and of East and South-East Asia

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