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Final Appeal to Govt of Madras



Final Application

Madras September 1, 1964

The Hon'ble Chief Minister,

Government of Madras,

Fort, St. George,

Madras - 9.

Sub : Plan  for construction work for the Vivekananda Rock

Memorial at Kanyakumari.


A meeting of the Managing Committee was held on the 29th of August at Madras and Sri V. Rajagopalachari, Advocate and one of the Vice-Presidents, presided over the meeting. The committee was informed by Shri Eknath Ranade, the Organising Secretary, of the progress made in the matter and his latest interview with the Hon'ble Chief Minister.

The Committee considered the plan prepared and eventually adopted the plan prepared by the Sthapathi, Shri S.K. Achary, incorporating the suggestions of His Holiness Shri Sankaracharya of Kamakoti Peetam and the suggestions of the Hon'ble Chief Minister as the most suitable in the light of all the circumstances, and resolved unanimously to formally submit the same for the kind approval of the Government. Accordingly I am enclosing herewith two copies of the said plan containing three sheets each for favourable consideration and sanction by the Government.

Two sets of the plan have been enclosed so that the Government may retain one set for their reference and file and the other may be kindly returned to us duly sanctioned.

The Committee has also placed on record its grateful thanks to the Hon'ble Chief Minister, for his valuable suggestions and helpful approach.

The Sthapathi, Shri S.K Achary, who has designed the said plan is shortly proceeding to visit a few places, mainly Ajanta and Karle Caves from which some styles have been adopted in the plan. After having a close look at the carvings, designs and styles obtaining there, he may find it necessary to make some changes in the plan, specially in the decorative design of the Front Entrance Gate and the Dome.

The Committee finds that proper arrangements have to be made on the Rock for storage of water for construction purposes. The Committee also finds it necessary to lay out a pathway of about 12 feet width starting from the Jetty Point and leading to the side gates as well as the front entrance to the Mandapam. Such a pathway with railings on the sea-side would, besides facilitating transport of building materials to the top, add to the convenience of visitors and also ensure their safety.

In according sanction, it is prayed that the Government may also kindly consider these two matters which are incidental to the construction work.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,

Sd./- P. Mahadevan SECRETARY,


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