Tuesday 15 October 2019

Chronology of VRM 10



23.02.1964         Sri Eknathji met Sri Bhaktavatsalam again at Madras.

29.08.1964         Committee approved Sthapathi S.K. Achari's Memorial plan.

24.09.1964         Permission granted by the Madras Government for the erection of the statue of Swami Vivekananda on the Vivekananda Rock.

21.10.1964         First works – Sub Committee:

                           1.  Sri Eknathji Ranade – Ex. Officio Member and President

                           2.  Sri M. Sankaranarayanan Chettiar

                                            (Vice-President, Kanyakumari Dist., Committee)     -  Member


                           3.   Sri S. Venkataraman

                                             (Asst. Secretary, Kanyakumari Dist. Committee)     -  Member


                           4.  Sri K. Parameswaran Pillai

                                            (Asst. Secretary, Kanyakumari Dist. Committee)     -  Member


                           5.  Sri S.G. Subramanian

                                (Secretary, Tirunelveli Dist. Committee)                    -  Member


21.10.1964         Resolved to form local Committees throughout the country.

21.10.1964         Resolved to purchase Lands in or around the vicinity of Kanyakumari for facilitating construction works.

21.10.1964         Resolved to enter into contract with Sthapathi for the execution of work.

21.10.1964         Sri S. Venkataraman made as In-charge of construction work at Kanyakumari.

06.11.1964         The first works Sub Committee meeting was held.  Sri Eknathji occupied the Chair.  Sthapathi S.K. Achari attended on special invitation.

06.11.1964         Chiselling the first stone started.

19.11.1964         Decision taken to appoint salaried staff to look after the office etc.,

15.12.1964         The Memorial estimated to cost Rs.25 lakhs.

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