Wednesday 4 February 2015

Values of life differ

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
Mananeeya Eknathji further guides the karyakartas telling them that the set of values are not same for all but they vary as per the mission of life or the aspirations of persons. It is very interesting observations. We remember Sri Ramakrishna saying 'Jato mat, tato path'. Each one makes an effort as to what suits him best or as Swamiji says that the line of least resistance is taken up by each one. Naturally, all other things that are needed for one's goal also changes. So Eknathji says :

In the selection of things, for our purpose, there arises the question of values of life. One is forced to decide what is valuable and what is worthless. Here the measuring rod for the valuables is very important, for every individual has his own measuring rod, his own way of looking at the things, from his own viewpoint. This measuring rod varies according to the situation and according to the goal to be achieved. What appears to be covetable, valuable and important in one situation becomes worthless in another. Great and small, good and bad, change their form according to time, understanding and age.

Eknathji gives examples to illustrate the point. He says : Swamiji once thought of becoming a coachman because the coachman of his father's baggi sat on a higher seat in front of the baggi and not only controlled the horses, but also controlled his father's departure. Whether the stationmaster who controls a train full of men, and allows it to go at his instance after showing the green signal is greater or the head-master who controls my behaviour and conduct at the school is greater is a question before me. Sant Tukaram, it is said, went with his body to heaven. When the heavenly car arrived for him, as a good husband, he asked his wife to accompany him. But she refused to go, as heaven and Panduranga's company were insignificant for her, before the calf of the she-buffalo who was to deliver two days later. She was a very practical woman and worldly things were of greater importance and value to her. Thus, the set of values varies with the aspirations of the individual.

That is how the values of life, the importance that is to be accorded to various things varies.

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