Thursday 5 February 2015

Set priorities

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

The mission of life is understood, the values of life are known. Now the need is to set priorities. One should now know – what is 'must' and what is 'should', what is 'can' or what is 'may' in the light of mission of life. Eknathji says :
Not only the importance of certain activities and details are to be decided, but even their priorities are also to be fixed. Certain "musts" stand first in preference while 'shoulds', 'cans' and 'mays' can afford to wait.
Eknathji gives household example. He says : There are priorities in household budget too. Food-grains and clothing and luxuries have a place in the purchases. But food-grains have top priority and first preference according to a common man. Clothing will stand the next chance and luxuries, purse permitting. But for a drunkard, the purchase of his liquor is of the utmost importance; food, the family members may eat or may remain hungry. He has no consideration for that. A person who has accepted a mission and who has prepared a central scheme for it, should think about the expenditure, both of time and energy for whole life. Man does the things which he regards as most worthy, but that is his own valuation.
Eknathji tells a story : A king who prostrated before a Sadhu gave the explanation that sacrifice always deserves honour. The Sadhu in return prostrated before the king and said, "Your sacrifice is incalculably greater than mine, because I have sacrificed the insignificant and perishable life for God's kingdom, but you have sacrificed the heaven's kingdom for this petty kingdom of yours. So you deserve more honour and better respect from me, as your sacrifice is infinitely greater". The Sadhu and the king both did the most valuable things according to each of them.
How wonderful it is, isn't it? This is how the world is. One measures according to one's thinking. We, however, should use some touchstone to see whether we are on right track.

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