Sunday 8 February 2015

Frame of mind

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji says Mission in life makes everything in the world meaningful
How wonderful it is, isn't it? Really speaking we see many things, experience also but they get meaning only when some thought is there in our mind. The same things also get different meaning when different frame of mind. Therefore, Eknathji feels for the people who do not find mission of life. He says :
This world is a place of enjoyment (Bhogabhumi). Different varieties and grades of enjoyments are all spread around us, but a person after all the enjoyments, curiously enough, finds that the enjoyments are meaningless. The objects of happiness have lost their charm and attraction and they do not yield the same happiness. Thus, he becomes a refuge of enjoyments. Poor people, who cannot afford to enjoy the world, are refugees in one sense; people who have had enough of enjoyments are also refugees in another sense. Their hunger for enjoyments and more and more enjoyments remain unsatisfied. Such persons have not started life at all. They do not find anything charming and meaningful in the world. Such individuals, in the midst of affluence, commit suicide because they find that life is monotonous. The same day and the same night, the same sun, rivers, mountains, trees, flowers, seasons and fruits; this dull sameness all around brings utter dissatisfaction to them. They become fed up with the world, because they have not realized the mission of life. As they have not understood the meaning of life, everything becomes—meaningless to them. These are vegetating people, plodding on in life because they have failed to find the meaning and charm of life.

Enjoyment after enjoyment, for years together, creates nausea in rich people, as in King Yayati of the Mahabharata, and they are deprived of the real charm of life, which one finds only after the mission of life has been discovered.

This is how, Eknathji makes each one introspect one's frame of mind and make it prone to the mission of life.

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