Monday 16 February 2015

Anushasan : Satya

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
Karyakarta need to practice each of the Yama as adherence to its practice gives him the wholistic approach to the work that one has undertaken and further develops Anushasan in one. In the 'Yoga way of Life' it is very important. Mananeeya Eknathji therefore, must have intended it in building up of the Kendra. Let's see what Satya means to us :

Satya: One has become many. Thus beyond many what exists is Atman. Therefore, the practice of Satya is that communication - in word, action, tone and intent - which protects the Oneness, supports that which is ever-existent (Sat).

Coming to our day to day life – to communicate in word or deed exactly what is on our mind is the practice of Satya. No posing, showing off can help in the practice of Yoga. Transparent and straight behaviour is essential. Integrity in even reporting or talking to others is practice of Satya.

Sometimes people say, 'I am very straightforward or whatever is in my mind, I tell. I am very plain.' But that is neither the practice of Satya nor of Ahimsa as it hurts another person. Practice of Satya should also ensure that it is in tune with the practice of non-violence. Thus the principle of speaking the truth as far as possible is –
Satyam Bruyaat, Priyam bruyaat, na bruyaat satyamapriyam,
Priyam cha nannrutam bruyat, esha dharma sanatana.
Speak the truth which is dear and also beneficial to all. Our communication of truth should not hurt others and should support Oneness. Our words, tones should not break but be an aid in developing the harmony around us.

The one who practices Satya gets such power that even if he just utters words, work takes place. Thus one established in Satya gets the power of attaining the fruits of work without having to do the work just by uttering, expressing in words.

This is how, Anushasan of Satya helps us in becoming one with the society the differentiation goes and Oneness gets established.

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