Monday 23 February 2015

Anushasan : Niyama - Shouch

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Niyamas are important to discipline us and prepare ourselves for higher sadhana of Bharatmata through our work. Eknathji therefore gives much more important on all these aspects through Anushasan.
The Second Anga of Yoga is Niyama: Shaucha, Santosha, Tapa, Swadhyaya, Ishvarapranidhan.  (Patanjal Yoga Sutra, 'Sadhana Pada', Sutra 32)
'Internal and external purification, contentment, penance, study, and surrender to God is Niyama.'

Niyama is for self-preparation, for self-development, and are related to oneself, one's attitudes. Thus Yama defines our interaction with Samashti and Niyama defines our approach to one's own self.

Eknathji prescribes three vows for Jeevanvratis and in that Shuchita is one. What is Shuchita?
Internal and external purification, to keep body clean and mind pure. A dirty, unkempt person cannot be a practitioner of Yoga.
Take care of the food intake -not only what we eat but also the food of the other senses such as ear, nose, eyes and skin.
The internal impurities are Rajatamomulak Vrittis – such as kama -passions, krodha -anger, lobha -greed, moha-delusion, temptations, mada -conceit, matsara -jealousy, dambha -hypocrisy, asuya -envy, irshya - competition, ahamkar -ego, harsh speech, ignorance, inertia, untimely sleep, etc. One should get rid of these internal impurities.
These internal impurities are to be removed by thinking of contrary thoughts (Vitarkabadhane Pratipaksha Bhavanam –Sadhana Pada' Sutra 33) For example, if we feel jealous of someone then we should dwell on appreciating his/ her qualities.
Practice of Shaucha develops disinterestedness for one's body and for contact with other's body, cheerfulness, concentration, self control and fitness for the realisation of the Self.

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