Saturday 28 February 2015

Anushasan brings Harmony

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
Mananeeya Eknathji says Anushasan in one's life brings total harmony. This harmony in one's life alone helps one to understand his relations with the people in society and that is the crux of social work.
Success is sure when there is complete harmony in the Sadhaka, Sadhya and Sadhana. When this stage is reached, the world does not become monotony. Every act, every individual and everything around you becomes meaningful. Things acquire a new charm. A third-rate meal, which you would not have accepted previously, becomes purposeful, because, there the taste of the tongue becomes subservient to the requirement of the fuel for the belly, as it preserves and provides the energy for the next activity in the achievement of the aim. 'Sleep anywhere and anyhow' becomes the happiest thing as it makes one fresh and energizes one for the work of the morrow.The struggle disappears and one is at peace with one's work and also with the world. One has to shape one's life for the mission.

Eknathji brings out yet another point which was also told while telling about 'each soul is potentially divine'. The innumerable possibilities that the individual has start manifesting when the life is anushasit - disciplined. He says :
There is nothing impossible in the world. As the Hindi proverb says, "Nara karani kare so naraka Narayana ban jaye." "If a man acts properly, he may become divinity". But one has to strive hard for this and the full price has to be paid. There is no short cut for this. One has to change his nature and his habits if they are detrimental to the objective. One has to impose rigorous discipline on his own self. If one desires to have any concession one should feel abashed, as it will reveal that he does not desire to pay the full price. It is unworthy of a man of principles, who is aspiring for a mission in life. Therefore, transform yourself and let your life become a Sadhana.

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