Thursday 19 February 2015

Anushasan : Brahmacharya

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
Karyakarta is to be understood properly and then only he could be given proper inputs. Mananeeya Eknathji writes to one of the Karyakarta on 29.11.1979
Dear ......

Your latest letter dated 7-11-1979 has been duly received. It is good that you have started learning type-writing and practicing scooter-riding. This will no doubt help you considerably in managing your own official correspondence as also attending to your outdoor engagements without being required to depend upon the public transport.


The phenomenon that your body has not yet got attuned to the Calcutta climate is really somewhat strange, especially when it is now over a month that you have moved to that place. Moreover, except that the climate of Assam, your erstwhile filed of work, is a little more humid than that of Calcutta, your present place of positing, there is not much climatic difference between the two. You may, therefore, consult a doctor to seek guidelines from him regarding the things to be specifically avoided in your diet as well as regarding other such precautions to keep off ailments like nose-bleeding, fever, bodyache, etc. to which your body may have become susceptible after you came to Calcutta. 


I am not a psycho-therapist. But basing my diagnosis on whatever experience I have gathered while dealing with human material all these years, I have a feeling that your physical malady may have originated mainly from your present mental condition. It may be that your mind has not wholly accompanied you to your new place of assignment and a part of it may have been left by you to hover over North Lakhimpur although our life-workers, as per our norms, are expected to move to their place of transfer, lock, stock and barrel or, to put it more precisely, heart, mind and body. You may check up with yourself to ascertain the correctness of my diagnosis. You may be able to do so just by (i) counting the number of your communications sent in your old field of work (ii) bringing before your eyes the persons whom you addressed your communications and (iii) the subject-matters of communications. If after such a scrutiny, if you also feel that there is some validity in my diagnosis, you should take adequate remedial measures.


The first step that you should take as a remedial measure is to stop forthwith all non-official correspondence with people at North Lakhimpur. We life-workers are expected to be like rolling stones that do not gather any moss of personal attachment or involvement. While we go to Ganges, people there should soon feel like naming us Ganga Vishnu or Ganga Prasad and while you go to Narmada, we should take no time in qualifying ourselves to be called Narmada Shankar or Narmada Prasad by those of that region.


I hope by the time you meet me at Madras, you would have restored back your health, both menal and physical.

With regards,


Yours affectionately,

(Eknath Ranade)


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