Monday 2 February 2015

Organise life around firm centre

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Man's journey started from animal man and kept on progressing. His life which was only in sense organs got changed as he started coming in touch with proper thoughts. And then the transformation takes place. Vision + Action => Transformation can be seen as the life's mission is fixed. Mananeeya Eknathji now says :  What is useful, suitable, congenial and contributory to the mission will only be done and the rest will be simply neglected. This is the touchstone of the life. It gives an insight for acceptance and rejection of worldly things and behaviours.
As he was very fond of giving examples based on train as he had spent his initial years with his father around trains. If there be many trains in a big junction going in various directions, a person who does not know his destination will be perplexed. But the one, who knows, will not be confused. He knows the train, the platform and the time of his train and he moves accordingly.
Similarly it happens in other aspects of life. There are many arts, sciences, books and branches of knowledge, but their utility will be decided by the touchstone of the purpose before us.
All this ultimately should get converged to central thought. He says : We have a central project. There is a centre i.e. the main purpose and all activities will move around this centre. If there is no goal in life, a man thinks of being a musician today, an athlete tomorrow, an orator on the third day and even may think of being a sermonizer giving religious discourses. Like a grass-hopper he will hop from one thing to another and will gather nothing. One must wisely judge one's aptitude, competency and potentialities. Then he can make a selection and an election.
Let us not be the ones described by Eknathji : Otherwise a person is labeled as eccentric and whimsical. His behaviours is unpredictable as he has no goal of life.
But we should be like the one's whose life must be properly organized round one firm centre.

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