Saturday 21 February 2015

Anushasan : Brahmacharya...

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
Karyakarta needs to take care of another four aspects to protect Brahmacharya. By becoming aware about oneself and the thought process, one can control oneself and then the fall could be avoided. The five senses and in that too eyes and ears are to be specially taken care so that one would remain always in good company and thoughts. The other four aspects of awareness are :
5. Guhyabhashan – Until now very safely with double meaning the words were used but if the other person tolerates or even accepts it then the person starts talking such things which could be talked only in seclusion and not in front of others. Even the dullest person can understand the intentions at this stage and can put full-stop to the advances. But if that is also not done then the complete fall from Brahmacharya Vrata becomes imminent.

6. Sanket  – The other person accepts these advances and even encourages by silence or action though not in words

7. Adhyavasay – in this, the he / she decides where and when to meet

8. Kriyanivritti - the person enters into an immoral relationship.

Today unfortunately it has become a practice to justify such relationships through TV serials, cinemas, etc. as so-called 'forward' behaviour. Any kind of self control is termed as 'backward'. But such immoral relationships destroy the family system. The atmosphere for the practice of Yoga in society degenerates and of course that person becomes unfit for the practice of Yoga.

By regular self-analysis and self-introspection one should control the fall before it gathers unmanageable acceleration. The practice of Brahmacharya is not barred for married persons. With certain rules of behaviour even his/her married life is considered as a practice of Brahmacharya. Such parents who practice Brahmacharya can give birth to very elevated children and can really bring up their children in a much better way. This was called as Adhijajananashastra in our culture.

The practitioner of Brahmacharya gets the required energy and enthusiasm for the deeper practice of yoga.

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