Monday 22 December 2014

World is neither purely spiritual....

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
After bringing out the difference between the Spiritual and Mundane works and the rules that applies to each, Mananeeya Eknathji expresses an important Truth to the workers. He says, the differences are to be maintained and also one should not apply the rules applicable for one to the other. Else, life would be in danger. He explains it beautifully :

We must keep the two things apart. We must play the role that we have accepted perfectly well, knowing what we are about. If we neglect the realities of life we will fail. Keep the goal before you and be firm on the ground. Those people who are dedicated to the realm of spiritual life only, are unfit for social life. Realizing the hard realities of life around us, we must lead a purposeful life and achieve a sense of fulfillment in life. If the realities are not understood and if the roles are not properly understood, then there is much harm.
He explains this with a real happening :

At Nagpur, an amateur company were performing the drama of "Keechaka-vadha." During the play the actor playing the Bheema's role forgot that he was playing the role and he was so much agitated and furious, that he was about to kill the person playing the role of Keechaka. The people from the auditorium had to run to rescue the poor actor.

Thus we must not confuse stage acting with reality. We should identify ourselves with the role no doubt, but there are limitations to it. We must always be conscious of the role we play. Always play the game in the spirit of the game. We should not slothful with the wrong notion that it is just a game, that after all somebody will win and somebody will lose. This is not the spirit of the game. There are certain rules and norms of conduct and still we must be highly spiritual and at the same time highly practical.

We must be very careful not to lose a sense of proportion. We must always remember that the world is neither purely spiritual nor wholly material. We must endeavour to have peace in both the worlds. That is an important truth.

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