Wednesday 17 December 2014

Training of Karyakartas

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Testing and re-affirming the Right Attitude that the Karyakarta has and unless one is ready to change whole heartedly, one would find this work quite tough. Eknathji,  therefore, stresses this point.
Ready to transform is the Right Attitude: Not "use me as I am" but 'I shall make myself usable for the organization'
We have to readjust our habits of living. We are accustomed to a certain way of life but now we have to change the same. We must have the will to change, and insistence that we will be what we were before, will not be beneficial. There has  to be a pattern in our development. If they continue to be the same in the changed circumstances, then, they are of no use. There is a doormat made of coir with the words, "Use me"; we also say, "Use me". But you cannot be used unless you are changed suitably according to the situation.

People are proud about their habits and boast of taking certain vegetables, different dishes, tea in the morning etc. they claim that habit has become their second nature and that it cannot be changed.This change is essential but it cannot be brought about by any force. There must be willingness from within to give up old habits and adopt new ones. Adaptability is the best way.

Intellectual people often speak of keeping late hours at night and getting up late in the morning. But there must be a conscious effort to re-pattern our life.

People are in the habit of rejecting outright certain vegetables, but they forget that in doing so they expose a side of their personality. As a matter of fact, our attitude should be one of adjustment. We must be ready to relish all preparations with gusto. We should have no likes and dislikes when we are out for work. We will eat whatever is needed, whatever the work demands, whatever is proper. Old habits must yield place to new ones.

Mananeeya Eknathji also cautions :
When I say that you can get a chance to transform yourself, it does not mean that we undertake to reform the ill formed persons. We presume that you are the right raw material for transformation into finished products. Cotton can be transformed into cloth by processing it. But you cannot get cloth out of mud or sand. Ours is not a reformatory school, nor is this course meant for abnormal. For example, one may be different from normal in the sense that one is "other-worldly". Those who want to serve this world cannot be "other-worldly." They must be of this world, concerned with this world, though they may have mentally transcended it.

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