Wednesday 24 December 2014

Story of human development

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Having understood the urge to serve, determination to transform and detachment from home, Mananeeya Eknathji gave the rules that apply to each world wherein we have to work. The jumbling in application results into difficulties.
The life is to be made purposeful, hence, now he explains the history of human race right from birth which will enable one to place oneself correctly and do the work with more efficiently and effectively. He says :
It is very interesting and instructive to analyze and note the different stages in the development of a child into its adulthood. When a child is born it is only a piece of flesh so delicate and tender that we cannot even handle it properly. It is only in a nebular state and the different limbs of the body are not properly differentiated. Its mental apparatus is almost absent in that state. The sense-organs also are not clearly and properly developed. The hungers which are predominant at a later state are not noticed. The child weeps plays, smiles, eats and sleeps. By itself it cannot express its wants also. It simply weeps and it is the mother who has to judge whether the child is hungry or sleepy or needs something else. Weeping is the only indication of its discomfort; it may be due to hunger or sleep or some ailment. Slowly it develops a feeling and that is for eating. Everything is meant for eating only and whatever it sees or comes to its hand, it puts into its mouth. This one appetite for food alone is seen and other hungers manifest later on. Gradually the child grows, it takes from and some minor faculties are in the process of development. All the faculties of adulthood are not yet to be seen.

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