Friday 19 December 2014

Training of Karyakartas

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji asks the Karyakartas to look within and find out whether they have adequate detachment from home. A person who has come from a cozy background where everything was available, anything asked was made available all of a sudden has to do everything on one's own and be satisfied with whatever comes by chance, may find it difficult to be mentally away from home.
Every committed worker has to undergo this painful test during his work. He has to set aside the needs and demands of the family for the sake of the work however painful it may be.But the task being much higher, the task needing absolute sacrifice, Ekanthji tells :

One more presumption is that you have attained a degree of detachment from your family.

Eknathji followed such great detachment from home. His letter dt.
23-07-1976 says : 

Dear Shri Shantaram,

I received your letter dated 5-7-1976 this noon on my return from Assam tour. Even if I had received it in time, it would not have been possible to adjust my visit to Datia on July 21-22, as my tour programme for July was fixed last month.

All those years you must have experienced that I, as a member of the Ranade family, exist only superficially. Seldom I could attend family rituals, whether connected with events of rejoice or sorrow. I am simply helpless.

When I come to Gwalior-side next, I shall make it a point to visit Datia to meet you all.

My affection and blessings to dear Asha and her children. Convey my Sasneha Namaskars and good wishes to my friends and acquaintances there.

With regards,

Yours affectionately,

(Eknath Ranade)

Eknathji was a hard task master. Everything is to be taken seriously. Even the training should be taking seriously right from day one by all the newly joined karyakartas. And, therefore, on the very first day, he told them - If you think of home ten times a day, I think you should just go home.

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