Monday 15 December 2014

Eknathji trains karyakartas

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
Mananeeya Eknathji had unique style of training the Karyakartas.
In the book ' Sadhana of Service' which comprises 40 lectures gives us this unique way where the karyakarta's gradual unfolding takes place.

A newcomer in the Kendra - to be a Jeevanvrati - on the very first day is received with these words which makes one to go inward and start finding oneself. It is the manifesting of the Potential Divinity in oneself in a purposeful pilgrimage of the life. Mananeeya Eknathji welcomes them :
The very fact that you have come over here, at the farthest end of our country, leaving behind your family ties, indicates certain things.
Positive urge to serve
One thing which can safely be presumed is that you have an urge for some kind of service; service, not in the conventional but in a wider and nobler sense. That urge is a positive one.

The urge itself can have three aspects, viz. (i) an urge for social service, (ii) an urge for patriotic service, and (iii) an urge for spiritual service. Out of these, the urge for social service can develop out of the evils afflicting Indian society such as dowry, superstition, untouchability, alcoholism, social inequality and the rest. A sympathetic outlook and a sense of fellow-feeling will make you feel that you should dedicate your life and energy to social service and try to eradicate the social evils.

You have read something of history. You also read about the past glory of our motherland. You have doubtless noticed the weaknesses in our national life which have brought this country down to its present miserable state. You take pride in this country of ours but at the same time you are filled with sorrow for certain vicious traits you notice in our people. You entertain the idea of doing something to restore our country to its former greatness. This is the patriotic urge.

If you study the world around you in proper perspective, you will realize the transitoriness of worldly life. You will not see any fulfillment in running after the material trivialities. You will develop an urge to serve and find real fulfillment in serving your brethren.

One of these three urges must have brought you here.

With this the karyakarta starts looking back to the life already spent. He tries to find out the urges that were strong in him. And what is that that has brought to Kanyakumari to be a Jeevanvrati!

INTROSPECTION is needed before plunging into! Mananeeya Ekanthji very effectively did it for the karyakartas.

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