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Samarth Bharat Parva - Rani Machaiah - Art is Sadhana

...Each nation has a destiny to fulfil, each nation has a message to deliver, each nation has a mission to accomplish. Therefore, from the very start, we must have to understand the mission of our own race, the destiny it has to fulfil, the place it has to occupy in the march of nations, the note which it has to contribute to the harmony of races.

-- Swami Vivekananda
{CWSV - 3 : Lectures from Colombo to Almora : The Common Bases of Hinduism}
{Swami Vivekananda's Rousing Call to Hindu Nation : Religion, The Soul of India: We are Hindus}

Rani Machaiah also know as Ummathat Ki Rani, who has made popularising a Kodava folk dance form her life's mission. For the past 60-odd years, Rani Machaiah has been popularising Ummathat in and outside Karnataka, one dance step at a time.

Smt. lymudiyanda Rani Machaiah is the foremost senior folk exponent of the Ummathat Dance Art of Kodagu Dist. in Karnataka. Born on 04 April, 1943, Smt. Machaiah is fiercely propagating the cause of folk dance in the role of performer, organiser and trainer. The Ummathat, Bolkat and Kathiyat are the prominent folk and popular dances of Kodagu district of Karnataka. The Ummathat is very popular and graceful group dance by young talented women artists lead by her. She is one of the well-known organisers of folk dancer and singer. She has blended into her folk songs, conservation at the dynamic spirit of innovations. She has continued to bring within the borders of regional tradition, all her movements and feeling with a touch of creative instinct. Keen on making a global presence, her works of experimentation have been applauded all over India. Her traditional Ummathat dance style is making the sense of pleasant phenomenon of universal appeal. Her recent contribution to the folk dance world is her own new innovation. The Kodava Kolat" and "Kodagu Tribe" dance, which has made a tremendous impact in the cultural circles in the state.

Smt. Machaiah's team has performed at prestigious institutions such as Karnataka Uthsav, New Delhi, Phoolwaion Ko Sheher, New Delhi: Cultural Exchange Programme, Jammu & Kashmir, Cultural Exchange Programme, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Cultural Exchange Programme, Himachal Pradesh, Kulu, Cultural Exchange Programme, Mumbai: Hariyana Cultural Programme, International Film Festival, Bengiuru: Cultural Exchange Programme, Mizoram Cultural Exchange Programme, Punjab and many more.

Smt. Machaiah founded "Kaveri Kala Vrinda" in 1986. She organised cultural festivals every year to promote the Kodava Folk Dances, apart from imparting training in Ummathat, Bolkat and Koiat. The organisation is affiliated with Nehru Yuva Kendra, Kodagu Dist., Madikeri. This organisation is extremely successful and initiated newer audience to the world of folkdance.

Smt. Machaiah was honoured with Rajyothsava Award from the Government of Karnataka in 2005 for her achievements in the field of folk dance and cultural. Rani Machaiah had been presented with Padma Shri by President Droupadi Murmu in 2023.

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