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Samarth Bharat Parva - Dr. Pratibha Ray - Knowledge is aim of life !!

Children of those ancient Aryans, through the grace of the Lord may you have the same pride, may that faith in your ancestors come into your blood, may it become a part and parcel of your lives, may it work towards the salvation of the world!  - Swami Vivekananda
{CWSV-3 : Lectures From Colombo to Almora : The Common Bases of Hinduism}
{Swami Vivekananda's Rousing Call to Hindu Nation : Religion, The Soul of India: We are Hindus}

Dr. Pratibha Ray is an internationally acclaimed Indian writer. She has immensely enriched the modern Odia literature by her pioneering short stories and novels, travelogues and essays. Her works not only depict the urban milieu of Odishan tradition but aiso delve deeply into the life of tribal communities. Her novels create a large human order of history, myth and reality Her worldview is one in many unities in diversity. She has been writing Novels and Short stories in her mother tongue Odia consistently for the last forty-five years and is a household name in Odisha today.

Born on 15 January 1944, Dr. Pratibha is a graduate in life science, post graduate in Education and has Ph.D in Educational Psychology, with her post-doctoral research focused on Tribalism and Criminology of Bondo Highlanders, one of the most primitive tribes of Odisha. She began ber professional career as a school teacher, and later taught in various government colleges in Odisha for thirty years. She took voluntary retirement as a Professor of Education and joined as Member, Public Service Commission of Odisha where she worked for six years.

Dr Pratibha is role model for many women from Odisha for shaping a distinct identity of their own. She has published twenty-two novels, twenty-six short story collections, eleven travelogues, nine books for children, ten books for Neo-literates, essay collections, biography in English, books of lyrics, anthology of poetry, books of tribal research. Her autobiography is the highly acclaimed "Life on Lotus Leaf."

Dr Pratibha has received several awards, recognitions and honours. In 2011.she received the highest literary recognition of India, the Jnanpith Award (Fourth Odia writer, First Odia woman writer and 7 Indian woman writer to have received itj. She received the Padma Shri Award for Literature and Education by the Government of India in 2007. She has received several international awards for the linguistic ingenuity in her works wiuch explore the specificity of human experience. She has won prestigious awards like Moortidevi by Bharatiya Jnanapith Trust for her novel Jajnaseni (Draupadi. She is the only woman writer to receive this coveted award till date She received Sahitya Akademi, Sarala, Bishuva Puraskar, Jhankara and Saptarshi Puraskar for her literary excellence. She has been utled as Kalinga Ratna Utkal Ratna and Ravenshaw University Ratna where she studied. She received honorary D. Litt from the Culture and Ravenshaw University. She had been presented with Padma Bhushan by President in 2022.

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