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Samarth Bharat Parva - Dr. Sukama Acharya

The Hindu says that political and social independence are well and good, but the real thing is spiritual independence - Mukti. This is our national purpose; whether you take the Vaidika, the Jaina, or the Bauddha, the Advaita, the Vishishtâdvaita, or the Dvaita—there, they are all of one mind. - Swami Vivekananda
{CWSV-5 : Writings: Prose and Poems : The East and The West : Introduction}

{Swami Vivekananda's Rousing Call to Hindu Nation : Religion, The Soul of India: We are Hindus}

Dr. Sukama Acharya, Principal of Vishvavara Kanya Gurukul Rurki (Distt. Rohtak) in Haryana, is known for her contribution towards girl's education.

Born on 1" October, 1961, Dr. Sukama received her Shastri degree (an Honours degree in Sanskrit), in 1978, her Vyakaranacharya degree (a Master's degree in Sanskrit Grammar) in 1980, her Vedacharya degree (a Master's degreg in Vaidik Studies) in 1984 from Shrimad Dayanand Aarsh Vidyapeeth, Gurukul Jhajjar (Haryana) and received her Ph.D. degree on the topic "Vaidic Indra Devata in 1987 from Gurukul Kangri University, Hardwar.

Realising that the current system of education is primarily materialistic and fails to impart moral and spiritual values in young learners, Dr. Sukama decided to dedicate her life to the upliftment of womenfolk by initiating young girls into the age-old Gurukul system of Vedic and scriptural learning in addition to the routine syllabi. She, along with her colleague, Dr. Sumedha, set up Shrimad Dayanand Kanya Gurukul Mahavidyalaya at Chotipura in Uttar Pradesh in 1988. Both of them strove hard and jointly ran this institution successfully for 30 years from 1988 to 2017. In order to benefit students in Haryana state too, Dr. Sukama started another Gurukul by the name Vishvavara Kanya Gurukul at Rurki near Rohtak in the year 2018, which provides education to girl students beginning from post-primary stage up to graduation level. Besides, this institute lays special emphasis on the study of Sanskrit Grammar and Sanskrit Literature in addition to the syllabi. Thus, the education being imparted to the girls here is in accordance with the ancient Gurukul system expecting the students to lead a life of devotion to traditional values of Indian culture.

Dr. Sukama has been ceaselessly working day and night to train young girls academically, ethically and culturally. She herself decided to remain single by not getting married. She has successfully revived the Vedic lore which reflects eternal values in this fast- changing society. This newly started Gurukul has already produced brilliant graduates who are propagating Indian culture and Sanskrit learning by serving in various schools, colleges and universities of the country.

Dr. Sukama has been conferred numerous awards and honours like Vikram Pratishthan (United States of America 2000), Parammitra Manav Nirman Nyas, Delhi and Gurukul Ashram, Aamsena, Orissa (2004), Aryasamaj Santacruz, Mumbai (2008 and 2019), 'Aarsh Vidya Bhaskar' (International Arya Mahasammelan Mathura, November-2009), President Citation Award By Rotary Club Moradabad (2010), National Vedavidushi Award (Aryasamaj Bhubaneswar, Orissa - 2014), Gurukul Jhajjar, Haryana (2017), Sanskrit-Seva-Samman, Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Sansthan (2018), Sarvadeshika Arya Pratinidhi Sabha (2018), Arya Abhinandan - The Pride of Arya Samaj (2018), Nari Shakti Samman - Janata TV Channel (2018), Padmabhushan Mahashay Dharmapal (MDH), Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha (2019), Srimad Dayananda Vedarsh Gurukul Gautam Nagar, Delhi (2020), Haryana Arya Pratinidhi Sabha- and Ved Prachar Mandal, Sonipat, Haryana (2022).

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