Wednesday 3 January 2024

Samarth Bharat Parva - Moumita Dutta - Space is the limit !!

Great things have been done in the past in this land, and there is both time and room for greater things to be done yet. …Our ancestors did great things in the past, but we have to grow into a fuller life and march beyond even their great achievements.

-- Swami Vivekananda
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Many of us may not be familiar with the name Moumita Dutta, but as a Physics Scientist at ISRO's Space Applications Center in Ahmedabad, Moumita Dutta is highly respected. Today we will explore the achievements of Maumita Dutta, who primarily works on optical sensors for Earth studies and planetary missions.

Born in Kolkata, West Bengal, Moumita Dutta's brilliance surfaced early in her school life. She began her education in Bengali and later graduated from Calcutta University. Pursuing an M. Tech degree in Applied Physics, she specialized in Optics. Her interest in physics was kindled by an early fascination with the captivating colors emanating from a prism during a school experiment, which led her to pursue both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in physics.

Moumita's childhood dreams of space, aliens, and the vast universe never envisioned her working in space research. In 2004, an article in a local newspaper about India's first lunar mission caught her attention. With a specialization in optics, she applied to ISRO, securing a position after a year and a half. Her contributions included work on two sensors deployed during the Chandrayaan 1 project. Launched in 2008, this mission made significant discoveries, including evidence of water before communication with Earth was lost, marking a partially successful inaugural attempt.

Joining the Space Application Centre in Ahmedabad in 2006, Maumita Dutta became involved in prestigious projects such as Oceansat, Resourcesat, Chandrayaan 1, and the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM). Notably, she led the methane sensor project in the Mars mission as the project manager, overseeing the development of the entire optical system, specifications, calibration, and indigenous production in alignment with the 'Make in India' initiative.

Recognized for her pivotal role in the Mars Orbiter Mission, Maumita Dutta earned the 'ISRO Team of Excellence' award for her exceptional contributions across various projects. Her achievements led to invitations for TEDx talks.Her career is marked by significant milestones, driven by relentless hard work and dedication. We wish her continued success in all her future endeavors.

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