Wednesday 18 May 2016

ways for settling mind

Swami Chinmayanandaji says :

The mind that is very restless, drags you away like the strong wind driving away the boat on waters. If your mind is such, take up a mala and count the beads, keeping the index finger standing apart. Thus, dig deep into yourself. Bring back the mind to the mala if it runs way. You may take up the chanting process after you have counted the beads for some time and the mind is a little tamed.

If even this is difficult, sit down before a beautiful photograph of your ista devata. Look at it closely and devoutly, raising your eyes slowly from the feet upwards. Repeat the process three, four times and then close your eyes. Try to reproduce the photograph and fix your gaze on the face. Then gradually, narrow down the area of your examination. Fix your gaze on the eyes of the lord. These eyes may speak to you. As the concentration deepens, you become thought-free and merge into the one Consciousness that enlivens all.

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