Friday 27 May 2016

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Swami Turiyananda says:

                                                'In matters of opinion, swim with the current;

                                                in matters of principle, stand firm as a rock.'

To stand firm as a rock in matters of principle is to consciously retain one's sugar-nature; to swim with the current in matters of opinion is to get dissolved into milk. Opinions deal with our apparent-nature; principles, with our essential nature. With Swami Turiyananda's luminous advice to guide us, no Vedanta student should have any difficulty in living harmoniously in any group.

The world in which we live today is very much divided. It's divided into groups which, paradoxically, have members strongly united with a wrong kind of glue. The glue of racial identity, for instance, or nationality, political ideology, language, religion, colour, even gender. The groupings based on these factors can bring some amount of security to the group-members, but these also produce a lot of friction, misunderstanding, and ultimately war.

We need the right kind of glue. A glue that will bring us all together, not as disparate, incompatible groups each with its own agenda, but as one, united human family. The awareness of our true divine nature is that glue. It can unite us and also free us at the same time. The awareness of our True Divine Nature is that glue. It can unite us as well free us at the same time.

...... 'The Bowl of a Milk and a Spoonful of Sugar' is an article by Swami Tyagananda ji in Vedanta Kesari.

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