Wednesday 4 May 2016

Iha jagati.....

Dear All

We came across a very beautiful
article of Swami Chinmayanandaji. His birthday falls on 8 May.
The article is quite introspective. And, sure, you all would love it.

Seeing a weaver bird's nest hanging by a tree, even a child asks "who made it?" Seeing this magnificent universe full of wondrous beauty, mathematical precision and unerring laws, do we grown-ups ask:  "who made it?" When I was but an embryo in my mother's womb, did I ever wonder, "Who made these eyes, ears, nose, etc.? What makes this heart of mine beat? Where did I come from and where am I heading to? Who put 'mango-ness' in the mango-seed, 'applen-ess' in the apple-seed?"

Inquiry sprouts in a fresh mind, a mind that is innocent, a mind that recognises how little it knows and how astonishingly more it does not! We often hear people say, "Where is the time and leisure for such enquiries?"You do not have to run away from duty in order to inquire. If that were the solution, Sri Krishna would have let Arjuna go ahead and become a mendicant living somewhere in a Himalayan Cave!

Then, what is the way? Stay where you are? Stay where you are! God in his infinite wisdom has not committed a mistake in putting you where you are! If you have more of heart, then love the Lord. Express that love by working in such a way that the Lord may be pleased with you. If you have more of head, then let the body, mind and intellect work as per your station and status in life and you remain an onlooker, uninvolved and unattained. Any one of the above two methods will purify your heart. A purified heart alone can meditate! Only Humans are blessed with the capacity and capability to meditate. Through meditation, the 'veil' is lifted and the 'mystery' is solved.

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