Thursday 19 May 2016

How to go Beyond

For going beyond Swami Chinmayanandaji gives some cautions:

Here are a few words of caution: Regulate your life. Food plays an important part. The body, mind and intellect are product of the food that you take. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy body, controlled mind and sharp intellect, please take care of what you eat. But don't become obsessive about it.

Study of the Sastras is an inescapable necessity. Association with co-travellers alone completes our study. Pooled intelligence is more helpful than your head alone. Satsang is very essential and extremely profitable.

Above all, live a clean life, or else whatever you may do or seem to achieve, will remain a castle of air built on the waters of the sea. Good life alone is an unfailing support. And a good life starts with a resolve that I shall do unto others as I wish others to do me. Truthfulness provides wheels to our progress. Wake up to your responsibility. If the base is not prepared, nothing abiding can be built. All religions, all sages, all prophets and all Sastras are one on this point.

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