Monday 16 May 2016

Japa Yajna

Swami Chinmayananda ji gives some more methods:

Chant a mantra.  It should be short and to your liking. This liking will come about if you know the deeper import and suggestive meaning behind the mere words. Read the relevant literature and get the meaningful beauty of mantra.

Slowly, raise the volume, then lower it down to a whisper. Bring the mind back if it runs away. You need not think about the meaning of the mantra at the moment. It will be there, like background music. In this fashion, chant on.

 Or you can stick on to the chanting and insist on chanting without worrying where the mind runs. Then stop chanting with your throat and let the mind do it, without a muscle moving anywhere. You supervise. See that the mind remains busy in the allotted job and does not run away. Remain watchful. Then quietly order the mind to stop and look at the ensuing silence. If any thoughts creep in, tell yourself: "I am separate. I am onlooker". The infiltrating thought disappears and silence returns. The more you live in that silence, the more peaceful you become. It is like exposing a wound to the heating rays of the sun. The peace and silence shall deepen. It is the same peace, mentioned before, but reached through a different route.

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